Learning Opportunities for Families

Documentation:  Copies of materials provided to families or photos of activities that help connect families to local foods.

Best Practice Requirements: Your documentation should show that your program connects families to local foods in five or more of the following ways:

  • Provides information about what farmers in our area grow and when products are available
  • Provides information about where and how to buy local foods at lower costs and/or how to use food assistance benefits to buy local foods
  • Provides information on storage, preparation, and/or recipes for cooking fruits and vegetables
  • Provides information or recipes that reflect the cultural, ethnic, or religious food traditions of enrolled children and families
  • Provides taste test opportunities
  • Hosts cooking classes or connect families to nearby classes
  • Provides opportunities to volunteer in the garden or with other classroom food activities
  • Provides access to local foods by sharing garden produce, or hosting a mobile market or CSA pick-up location

Application: List which five ways your documentation shows the program connecting families to local foods.


Should the documentation I email be a Word document, pdf, or photo? For informational flyers, you may provide photos of the documents or electronic copies of the documents. Please send photos to show activities like taste test opportunities, cooking classes, volunteer opportunities, and providing access to local foods. 

The facility is interested in offering our families more information about local foods. Where can I find this information? In the Farm to ECE section of the Go NAPSACC Tips & Materials library, look for 10 Good Reasons to Eat Locally Grown by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and the Farm to Childcare Curriculum Package: Family Engagement Ideas for Farm to ECE by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (Tips & Materials Section: Farm to ECE/Local Foods Provided/Family Engagement).

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