Feeding Practices

Documentation: Three stories about how teachers use best practices at meals and snacks times to encourage healthy eating. These stories should be from over the past two years.

Best Practice Requirements: Each story should show how a teacher uses one of these Go NAPSACC best practices:

  • Teachers enthusiastically role model eating healthy foods served at every meal and snack time. 
  • Teachers always praise children for trying new or less-preferred foods.
  • Teachers use a responsive/authoritative feeding style at every meal and snack time.

Application: On the application, you will provide a story for each of the three best practices. Stories should describe who (which teacher and which classroom) what they did (what they said, what they did, what foods they were encouraging), why (what issue they were addressing and/or why they felt it was important) and how the children reacted/responded. Only stories that include who, what, why, and how will count toward the recognition.


What is enthusiastic role modeling? REACH uses the Go NAPSACC definition. Enthusiastic role modeling is when teachers eat healthy foods in front of children and show how much they enjoy them. For example, a teacher might say, “Mmm, these peas taste yummy!”

What is an authoritative feeding style? REACH uses the Go NAPSACC definition. An authoritative feeding style strikes a balance between encouraging children to eat healthy foods and allowing children to make their own food choices. A teacher might encourage a child to eat broccoli by reasoning with him/her about its taste and benefits, instead of using bribes or threats.

Which classrooms should be profiled for these stories? Any classroom for children 2 to 5.

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