Learning Opportunities for Families

Documentation:  Copies of materials provided to families or photos of activities that help teach families about healthy eating.

Best Practice Requirements: Your documentation should show that the program provides families information on five or more of the following topics:

  • Food and beverage recommendations for children
  • Serving sizes for children
  • Importance of variety in the child diet
  • Creating healthy mealtime environments
  • Using positive feeding practices
  • Our program’s policies on child nutrition

Application: List which five ways your documentation shows the facility providing families information about healthy eating.


How many photos or copies should I provide? You may provide up to five total items. It is fine if one photo or copy addresses more than one topic. In the description, include that item under as many topics as applicable.

Should the documentation I email be a Word document, pdf, or photo? For informational flyers, you may provide photos of the documents or electronic copies of the documents. Please send photos to show activities like cooking classes or in-person educational sessions. 

The facility is interested in offering families more information about encouraging their children’s healthy eating habits. Where can I find this information? In the Child Nutrition section of the Go NAPSACC Tips & Materials library, look for Growing up Healthy by COCOKIDS. (available in English and Spanish). (Tips & Materials Section: Child Environment/Feeding Practices/Family Engagement)

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