Documentation: A copy of the facility’s policy document(s) related to Child Nutrition.

Best Practice Requirements: This documentation shows that in the program, there is a written policy on Farm to ECE that includes nine or more of the following topics:

  • Foods provided to children
  • Beverages provided to children
  • Creating healthy mealtime environments
  • Teacher practices to encourage healthy eating
  • Not offering food to calm children or encourage appropriate behavior
  • Planned and informal nutrition education for children
  • Professional development on child nutrition
  • Education for families on child nutrition
  • Guidelines for foods offered during holidays and celebrations
  • Fundraising with non-food items

Application: List which nine of the topics are included in the written policy that you provide as documentation.


What counts as a written policy? REACH uses the Go NAPSACC definition. A written policy can include any written guidelines about your program’s operations or expectations for teachers, staff, children, and families. Policies can be included in parent handbooks, staff manuals and other documents.

The facility is interested in including more information related to Child Nutrition in their policy. Where can they find guidance on how to do this? A sample policy and tips for writing policies are included in the Policy section of the Child Nutrition part of the Go NAPSACC Tips & Materials library.

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