Friendly Avenue Christian Preschool

Friendly Avenue Christian Preschool
Greensboro NC, 27410
(336) 292-3578 Five-Star Center License

Recognition Area:
Outdoor Play & Learning, 2023
Physical Activity, 2023
Child Nutrition, 2020

Community Partners:

Why We Love Outdoor Play & Learning “The children look forward to our outdoor learning environment and the time we spend out there. The seasonal changes enhance learning and expand their play. Children of all ages receive the benefits of outdoor learning and fresh air. It can take a “bad day” or mood that is “stuck” and shift it with a few breaths. Our outdoor learning environments being an extension of our classroom allows for deeper more meaningful play that carries from the inside classroom to the outside classroom!”

Why We Love Physical Activity “So much learning is happening when we’re moving our bodies!”

REACH thanks Friendly Avenue for serving on our Community Advisory Committee!

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