Precious Memories Preschool & School Age Preschool

Precious Memories Preschool & School Age Preschool
Asheboro, NC, 27203
(336) 629-5449
Five-star licensed center

Recognition Area:
Farm to ECE

REACH Nomination Partners: Patty Sullivan, Randolph County Partnership for Children

Additional Partners: Randolph Health Department; local farmers market; Randolph County Cooperative Extension; Master Gardner Program; A family’s dad that started our honey bee hive

We pride ourselves on… “enhancing the health and education of the children in our care through developing a platform and experiences that assist the children and their families in learning and connecting with foods that are grown locally and by local farmers or themselves. We incorporate foods that we grow or locally grown through our meals, snacks, taste tests, lessons in the classroom and in the garden, having a farmer visit us, cooking activities and of course parent involvement when possible.

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