Sonflower Seeds

Sonflower Seeds
Siler City, NC, 27344
Five-star center license

Farm to ECE, 2022

Farm to ECE Community Partners:

Why We Love Farm to ECE “This program has helped educate our families, teachers, and children on the benefits of growing and sourcing our food locally. Incorporating taste tests and cooking classes with local foods has taught children and families that eating fresh produce tastes great and is good for you. In incorporating gardening into our weekly lesson plans children have learned firsthand the cycles of plants and the need to care for them. The children hold farmers’ markets to sell the produce and flowers that they grow to families in the community. This has taught them commerce skills and all proceeds go back into their garden. In doing field trips to local farms children have learned where the food they eat comes from. For example, they got to visit the farms where their dairy products, blueberries, and asparagus are sourced from.”

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