Bambino’s Playschool

Bambino’s Playschool
Cary, NC, 27519
Five-star center license

Farm to ECE, 2022

Farm to ECE Community Partners:

Why We Love Farm to ECE “Bambino’s Playschool was developed by parents with a passion for educating and caring for children in a naturally enriching and educational way. Bambino’s Playschool provides a stimulating and enriching environment for young children to learn, grow, and explore in. Our program provides opportunities for children to learn about the world around them by “doing” with hands-on, meaningful experiences. Children participate in daily play-based and project-based lessons and activities. Our entire program is built on an all-natural approach to child development and early childhood education. We place a huge emphasis on serving only the freshest foods during mealtimes, thanks to the relationships we build with local farmers.”

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