Farm to ECE Policy

A written policy can show how important Farm to ECE is to a facility. Written policies help the facility communicate values and expectations clearly with families and staff.

Policy documentation

In your REACH Farm to ECE application, you will upload documentation of meeting the policy best practice along with having local foods on the menu, having a garden, and conducting taste tests and cooking activities.

REACH Application DocumentationGo NAPSACC Best Practice
The section of the facility’s family or staff handbook that shows their commitment to Farm to ECE, this may be a statement about their commitment to serving local foods, children’s gardening, or Farm to ECE in general.The program has written policy on farm to ECE that covers a variety of topics.

Tips for your policy documentation:

  • Policy is currently in use and has been reviewed/updated in the past 12 months.
  • Only one file is needed.

Example documentation:

This policy explains what Farm to ECE means to their facility and links to their values related to children’s wellbeing.

A Farm to ECE policy template can be found the Go NAPSACC Tips & Materials Library. Just log in, look in Tips & Materials, Farm to ECE module, and search under Policy.

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