Cooking & Taste Tests

Hands-on nutrition education helps children try new fruits and vegetables in a fun, low-pressure environment. Getting lots of opportunities to taste a food helps children learn to like it. Cooking and taste tests also engage children’s senses, creativity, and fine motor skills.

Cooking & Taste Test Documentation

On your REACH Farm to ECE application, you will upload documentation of meeting the cooking and taste test best practice along with having local foods on the menu, having a garden, and including Farm to ECE in your written policy.

REACH Application DocumentationGo NAPSACC Best Practice
Describe a recent taste test or cooking activity from a preschool classroom using fresh fruits or vegetables.
* Name the fresh fruit or vegetable.
* Describe the activity.
* What makes this a great activity?
During the growing season, preschool children do cooking or taste test activities with fresh fruits or vegetables 1 time per week or more.

Tips for your documentation:

  • Provide enough description so that reviewers can clearly understand what the teachers and children were doing during the activity.
  • Cooking activities with foods other than fresh fruits and vegetables do not count.
  • Activities must be from the past 12 months.

Example documentation:

Coming soon.

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