Screen Time Provided

Screen time* is a part of daily life, but children also need real-life, hands-on experiences to develop the knowledge and skills they’ll need for Kindergarten. Less time with a screen means more time for children to play, explore, use their imaginations, and build social skills.

Screen Time Documentation

On the REACH Screen Time application, you will upload documentation of the facility meeting the healthy screen time evidence-based practices along with an example of teacher engagement around screen time, family engagement related to screen time, and including healthy screen time in the facility’s written policy.

REACH Application DocumentationGo NAPSACC Evidence-Based Practice
You will provide this documentation only if screen time* is allowed in the facility:

One weekly schedule from one preschool-aged classroom (3’s or Pre-K) that shows that children 3 years of age and older are offered 30 minutes of screen time or less each week.
ST2: Children 2 years of age and older are allowed 30 minutes of screen time or less each week. (Half-day: 15 minutes or less.)

*Screen time includes any time spent watching shows or videos or playing games or doing other activities on a screen. Screens can include televisions; desktop, laptop, or tablet computers; or smart phones. Screen time does not include teachers using e-books or tablet computers to read children stories, using Smart Boards for interactive instruction, or real time, interactive instruction or family engagement through Zoom or other videoconferencing programs.

Tips for your documentation:

  • Provide only one weekly schedule from a single preschool-aged classroom.
  • Please mark on the schedule when screen time is available so that reviewers can clearly see that the facility meets the best practice.
  • Schedules must be from the past 12 months.

Example documentation:

Coming soon…

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