Teacher-Initiated Outdoor Activities

The outdoor learning environment has so much to offer! There’s so much to explore, even in a small patch of grass, under a stepping stone, or by collecting fallen leaves. The outdoor learning environment stimulates curiosity, imagination, and movement differently than the indoor classroom and changes naturally through the seasons to offer new opportunities.

Application Documentation

In your REACH Outdoor Play & Learning application, you will upload documentation of using the outdoor learning environment to meet learning objectives, along with offering ample time for outdoor play, providing a high-quality outdoor learning environment, and including outdoor play and learning in the facility’s family handbook.

REACH Application DocumentationGo NAP SACC Best Practices
Name and describe one teacher’s favorite outdoor activity that uses the outdoor learning environment to support learning objectives in one or more NC Foundations of Early Learning and Development domains.

Mark the NC Foundations of Early Learning and Development domains supported by the activity.:
-Approaches to Play and Learning
-Emotional and Social Development
-Language Development and Communication
-Cognitive Development (Construction of Knowledge; Creative Expression; Social Connections; Mathematical Thinking and Expression; Scientific Exploration and Knowledge)

Complete the sentence, “This is a great activity because…”
OP5 The program does different types of activities with children outdoors, including free play, structured learning opportunities, seasonal outdoor activities, walking trips, and/or outdoor field trips.*

Tips for your documentation:

  • The description should “paint a picture” of the activity. Describe the age group, the setting and/or materials, and what the teacher and children do as part of the activity. Use this description to show the “what” and “how” of the activity so that other teachers can try it. Reviewers should see from this description that the outdoor learning environment is used as an extension of the indoor classroom. Activity ideas may be shared on REACH social media to inspire facilities to bring their learning outside. Activities will be attributed to the facilities that share them.
  • Stories should be from the past 12 months.


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