Physical Activity Policy

A written policy on physical activity shows that a facility understands the important role that physical activity plays in both healthy growth and development and learning. Written policies help the facility communicate values and expectations clearly with families and staff.

Policy documentation

In your REACH Physical Activity application, you will upload documentation of meeting the policy best practice along with offering ample time for physical activity, a variety of portable play equipment to support movement, and games and activities that help children build motor skills.

REACH Application DocumentationGo NAPSACC Best Practice
The section of the facility’s family or staff handbook that shows their commitment to physical activity, by including all of the applicable topics below:
-classrooms are offered the best practice number of minutes of physical activity* each day based on age: 120 minutes for 3-5 year olds (Half-day: 60); 90 minutes for 1-2 year olds (Half-day: 45); 90 minutes for FCCH or mixed-age groups (Half-day: 45)
-infants (if served) are offered tummy time** 4 times per day or more (Half-Day: 2 times per day or more)
-the important role that teachers play in encouraging and supporting children’s physical activity/motor development

PA23 There is a written policy on physical activity that includes a variety of topics related to the amount of time provided to children for physical activity and ways that children are encouraged to be physically active.

*Physical activity is any movement of the body that increases heart rate and breathing above what it would be if a child was sitting or resting. Examples include walking, running, crawling, climbing, jumping, and dancing.
**Tummy time is supervised time when an infant is awake and alert, lying on her/his belly. Opportunities for
tummy time should last as long as possible to help infants learn to enjoy it and build their strength. For
infants who are not used to it or do not enjoy it, each period of tummy time can start at 1–2 minutes, and
build up to 5-10 minute

Tips for your policy documentation:

  • Policy covers all of the topics outlined above related to time and teacher support for physical activity. Time provided for physical activity only needs to be included for the age groups served.
  • Policy is currently in use and has been reviewed/updated in the past 12 months.
  • Only one file is needed if it covers all of the topics outlined above, but two can be provided.

Example documentation:

This policy covers the required information. An editable version of this policy example can be found in the Go NAPSACC Infant & Child Tips & Materials section under Policy.

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