Gross Motor Development

Adult support and encouragement is key to children getting active and learning gross motor skills. Children need practice and adult guidance and encouragement to learn the gross motor skills that form the foundation for an active life.

Application Documentation

In your REACH Physical Activity application, you will upload documentation of teachers’ favorite activities to help children build motor skills. You will also upload documentation of providing ample time for physical activity, a variety of portable play equipment to support movement, and including physical activity in the facility’s written policy.

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You will provide documentation only for the age groups the facility serves:

A video or photo* and written description of a teacher’s favorite movement activity or game to encourage toddler and/or preschool motor skills development (hopping, jumping, skipping, galloping, kicking, throwing, catching, etc.).

State which gross motor skill is the focus.

Complete the sentence, “This is a great activity because…”


A video or photo* and written description of a teacher’s favorite activity (and any needed toys/equipment) to encourage tummy time with infants.

Complete the sentence, “This is a great activity because…”

* Photos/videos will be used only for review purposes unless the facility gives REACH permission to share them.
PA16 Preschool children and toddlers participate in planned lessons focused on building gross motor skills 1 time per week or more.

PA14 During tummy time and other activities, teachers always interact with infants to help them build motor skills. 

Tips for your documentation:

  • The description should “paint a picture” of the activity. Describe the age group, the setting and/or materials, and what the teacher and children do as part of the activity. Activity ideas may be shared on REACH social media to inspire other facilities to get children moving. Activities can be attributed to the teacher that came up with them if facilities would like to recognize teachers in this way. Facilities have the option to give permission to share photos and to recognize teachers in the application.
  • Stories should be from the past 12 months.


See the story below from a past applicant.


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