Pilot Participation

For the REACH pilot, TA professionals in counties across NC will nominate eligible ECE programs for a REACH recognition in Child Nutrition or Farm to ECE. ECE programs are eligible for REACH when they have achieved a score of “Leading the Way!” on a Go NAPSACC self-assessment in either Child Nutrition or Farm to ECE in the past two years.

If you are an eligible ECE program looking for more information, click here.

TA professional participating in the REACH pilot will:

  • Review the application and documentation for nominating ECE programs for REACH.
  • Contact eligible ECE programs to ensure they are interested in being nominated, understand the participation agreement, and are able to assist you in gathering needed information and documentation. This flyer can help. Keep track of time spent on outreach activities.
  • Submit this form to confirm your participation in the pilot by August 21, 2020. Along with confirming your participation, you will provide a list of interested programs and report your time/experience with outreach activities.
  • Work with participating facilities to choose which module (Child Nutrition or Farm to ECE) and strength(s) to include in their nominations, and gather required information and documentation. Keep track of time spent on preparing nomination materials.
  • Submit a separate online application form for each participating facility. Along with the nomination information, you will report your time/experience nominating the program.
  • After you submit the online application form, email documentation to reachrecognition@gmail.com to complete the nomination. Complete nominations must be received by September 25, 2020.
  • You will receive notification of ECE program’s recognition ~2 weeks after their nomination. Celebrate and spread the word about recognized programs in your county.
  • Complete a final survey about your experience with REACH by October 16, 2020.
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