Child Care Network #146

Childcare NetworkArchdale, NC 27263(336) licensed center Recognition Area: Child Nutrition (Healthy Menus & Learning Opportunities for Children) REACH Nomination Partners: Meredith Shields, Patty Sullivan, Randolph County Partnership for Children Additional Partners: USDA Coordinator, Millstone Creek Orchards We pride ourselves on: “Through caring and education Childcare Network works with children to develop social skills, healthyContinue reading “Child Care Network #146”

Little Blessings Learning Center

Little Blessings Learning CenterEnfield, NC 27823(252) Three-star licensed center Recognition Area: Child Nutrition REACH Nomination Partners: Vicki B. Collier, Halifax-Warren Smart Start Additional Partners: Kate B. Reynold’s Charitable Trust grant to Halifax-Warren Smart Start to naturalize the outdoor learning environments of the public schools and child care centers in Halifax County We pride ourselvesContinue reading “Little Blessings Learning Center”