Honeycomb Kids

Honeycomb Kids
Trinity, NC 27370
(336) 861-2030
Four-star licensed center

Recognition Area:
Child Nutrition

REACH Nomination Partners: Meredith Shields, Patty Sullivan, Randolph County Partnership for Children

Additional Partners: Millstone Creek Orchard; Randolph Co. Cooperative Extension; Colonial Baptist Church; Parents, family, friends (Holly Kozelsky, Brittany Price)

We pride ourselves on… “our continuing growth and change. We always try to do better today than our best yesterday. We’ve taken small steps consistently to lead to the greatest overall distance. Beginning with a simple change in milk, we have worked our way up to providing healthier and fresher food choices that include fresh fruit twice daily, as well as an increase in deep colored vegetables throughout the week. We are a team that operates more like a family, making better choices at school and at home for a healthier future for everyone.

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