Child Nutrition Policy

A written policy on child nutrition shows that a facility is committed to children’s current health and building healthy habits for a lifetime. Written policies help the facility communicate values and expectations clearly with families and staff.

Application Documentation

In your REACH Child Nutrition application, you will upload documentation of meeting the policy evidence-based practice along with offering healthy foods, using healthy feeding practices and engaging families about child nutrition.

REACH Application DocumentationGo NAP SACC Evidence-Based Practices
The section of the facility’s family or staff handbook that shows their commitment to Child Nutrition by covering all of these topics:
-Healthy foods provided to children 
-Healthy beverages provided to children
-Creating a healthy mealtime environment
-Using positive feeding practices
-Not offering food to calm children or encourage appropriate behavior
-Guidelines for foods offered during holidays and celebrations

CN45 There is a written policy on child nutrition that includes a variety of topics related to what children eat during the day, how mealtimes run, and education for children, staff, teachers, and families on healthy eating.

Tips for your documentation:

  • Policy covers all of the topics outlined above.
  • Only one file is needed if it covers all of the topics outlined above, but two can be provided.
  • Policy should be current in use and reviewed and/or updated within the past 12 months.


This policy includes all of the required topics. An editable version of this policy example can be found in the Go NAPSACC Child Nutrition Tips & Materials section under Policy.

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