A Safe Place

A Safe Place Child Enrichment Center
& A Safe Place Early Learning Center
Raleigh, NC
(919) 833-9330

Five-Star Center License

Recognition Areas:
Child Nutrition, 2023
Farm to ECE, 2020, 2022

Community Partners:

It is important to us to support children’s healthy eating because:healthy eating is one of the first steps to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Early exposure will set children up to be lifelong lovers of good nutrition practices.

Why We Love Farm to ECE “Our children are served fresh and local foods on our menus daily and by creating a green environment for learning. To our families, we offer opportunities to participate in gardening experiences and help provide resources that promote healthy eating and lifestyles at home. One way ASP experiences Nature is through gardening. ASP embraces play and planting, health and harvest. We foster a print-rich environment that includes books, pictures, posters, and materials that embody farm life and life lessons which is taught by cooking and tasting a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. ASP is committed to the community through its relationships with local farmers and our annual Farm Day field trip. Farm To ECE is inner-woven meticulously into our curriculum and culture to at A Safe Place it’s second nature.”

REACH thanks A Safe Place for serving on our Community Advisory Committee!

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