Learning Opportunities for Children

Documentation: One weekly/monthly schedule or lesson plan that shows at least one session of planned nutrition education for children each week and photos of at least three learning materials (one poster, one book, and one other resource) used to teach children about healthy eating.

Best Practice Requirements: Your documentation should show that at the program: 

  • Teachers incorporate planned nutrition education into their classroom routines (circle time lessons, story time, stations during center time, cooking activities, and gardening activities) 1 time per week or more.
  • Our program’s collection of posters, books, and other learning materials (play food, real or pretend gardening area) that promote healthy eating includes a large variety of materials with new items added or rotated seasonally.

Application: Describe what children did as part of the activity shown on the weekly schedule and name which four of the types of learning materials are pictured.


Should the weekly schedule I email be a Word document, pdf, or photo? Whatever is easiest for you!

Do posters, pictures, and books about healthy eating that children and classrooms have created count for these learning materials? Yes, as long as they are displayed or accessible to be read by children. 

The program is interested in adding more books about healthy eating to their collection. Where can I find a list of good books? In the Child Nutrition of the Go NAPSACC Tips & Materials library, look for the Preschool Booklist by the USDA Team Nutrition, Michigan Department of Education.  (Tips & Materials Section: Child Nutrition/Feeding Environment/Teacher & Staff Resources)

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