Learning Opportunities for Teachers & Staff

Documentation: Copies/photos of a training certificate, agenda, or learning materials from two professional development activities completed over the past two years related to key child nutrition topics.

Best Practice Requirements: This documentation shows that in the program, professional development (PD) covers six or more of the following topics:

  • food and beverage recommendations for children
  • serving sizes for children
  • importance of variety in the child diet
  • creating healthy mealtime environments
  • using positive feeding practices
  • communicating with families about child nutrition
  • our program’s policies on child nutrition

Application: List which six of the topics are shown in your documentation.


What do you mean by professional development? REACH uses the Go NAPSACC definition. For center or school-based teachers/staff, it can include information presented at staff meetings and in-person or online training for contact hours or continuing education credits. For family child care home providers, it can include reading books, brochures or other print materials, or taking in-person or online training for contact hours or continuing education credits. 

The facility is interested in participating in more professional development related to Child Nutrition. Where can I find information and training? Look for online trainings through CACFP, Go NAPSACC, and other organizations.

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